Visiting the Mississippi Governor’s Mansion in my hometown of Jackson, Mississippi

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November 20, 2015

So tonight I was at a loss as what to blog about, so I remembered I had some shots of my trip to my hometown of Jackson, Mississippi back in September.  I had already uploaded the photos online and was going to figure out what I wanted to say tonight.  Well, as I was looking around on Facebook, a friend of mine who still lives in Jackson was talking about four separate shootings.  The violence that we hear about on a daily basis is almost too much to bear.  I know people have the wrong idea about Jackson because of events like this, but I want to show the beauty of the city, because it is and can be a great city again!  Here are some photos I took while on a private tour of the Governor’s mansion and some of it’s surrounding buildings.  I’m hoping any of my friends who still live in Jackson will see the beauty in the city from some of photos.  And I pray that the violence stops.

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