Amy Allmand Photography Year in Review | 2016


January 1, 2017

Wow, thinking of this last year brings back so many memories.  I have to say that professionally, it was an amazing year, my first full year in business with some amazing wedding and portrait clients.  I’m so thankful that I’ve met and friended so many great colleagues this year, feeling a part of a Nashville photography community.  However, personally it was a really hard year and I’m looking forward to putting it behind me.  In May, my husband and I lost our beloved first fur-baby, Bella.  She was only 9 years old, which is quite young for a cocker spaniel.  She passed from liver disease that had no cure.  I know other dog people will understand me when I say that if there was a dog soul mate, she was mine.  I’m still to this day quite heartbroken, but healing everyday with our other dog Mille and our 9 month old puppy, Harper.  Today, I decided to pull together some of my favorite photos and moments from this year.  You may recognize some photos from previous posts and some are from upcoming posts or just photos that I love that don’t really have a place.   I hope you enjoy these and look forward to making 2017 an even better more amazing year.   What are your favorite moments and photos from 2016?

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