Homestead Manor Sweetheart Session in Thompsons Station, Tennessee

I’ve not said this before, but I feel I need to brag on the creative community here in Nashville.  I’ve met so many great friends and colleagues.  One group I’m in is the Tennessee chapter of Looks Like Film, a group of photographers and videographers who like the look of film presets for their work.  This group has been so wonderful and supportive.  We try to meet up a few times a year and I’m finally getting around to sharing some photos from one of the meet-ups last August at Homestead Manor in Thompsons Station.  Several couple models were there that day, but I found such inspiration in Laura and Chase.  They were so sweet and naturally in love.   We (along with 4 photogs) wandered to the back of the property where we found a greenhouse and a chicken coop.  We took turns giving direction as the others snapped away.  One of the other great things about these meet ups are the opportunity to experiment, like using smoke bombs (thank you John Myers).   It’s great to push myself to learn new things and learn with new people.  I’m so grateful for such an amazing community.


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January 27, 2017



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