Ross Barnett Reservoir Pet Session | Blatt Family


December 5, 2017

Cocker Spaniels are my favorite dog breed, so much that I’ve literally not known a day without one in my life.  We currently have two little blonde girls, Mille and Harper.  You’ve probably seen them if you follow me on Instagram (and yes, they ALSO have their own Instagram).  So, when a former high school classmate posted on my Facebook page that he wanted me to take family photos of him, his wife and his two cockers, I was in!  Thankfully in mid-November, I had a short period of time where I traveled to my hometown of Brandon, Mississippi and got lined up with Wes, Brooke and their babies, Harley and Brees.  It was the first time for me to meet Brooke.  We shared very similar stories about always being a cocker spaniel owner and how our husbands initially didn’t want a cocker spaniel, but now wouldn’t have anything else!  I let Wes chose the location, which was one of the neighborhood points on the Ross Barnett Reservoir.  Our timing was perfect for a beautiful pink sky over the water. Harley and Brees had a great time playing in between posed shots.  It was such a blast for me to be able to photograph someone else’s beloved cocker pups!


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