Franklin, Tennessee Gentry’s Farm and Historic Franklin in the Fall


Fall is finally here in Tennessee. This is my favorite time of year because not only do I live in the cutest town, Franklin, but it gets even cuter when the leaves change. A few weeks ago I got together with my photographer friends, Weatherly & Rebecca, to take turns shooting each other at the pumpkin patch at Gentry’s Farm. It was the perfect location for a fall shoot. We all had a laugh when Bart & I took a photo with Weatherly’s kids. Lots of funny ideas for Christmas cards then ensued. You can tell by these images that we never have fun..ha!

Last weekend was one of the best events that Franklin hosts, the annual Pumpkin festival. It really is the cutest to see families, kids & pets all dressed up for Halloween. Although I didn’t get a photo of it, my favorite costume was a dad dressed as Prince Charming and his baby girl dress like Snow White. Just a few blocks from Main Street, you can find some spooky graveyards. A few years ago we did a graveyard tour. It wasn’t so much scary as historical, but really interesting.

This time of year always makes me so thankful to live where I do. Our street has some of the most beautiful colors. If you’re in the area hope you can stop and take in the beauty! XO, Amy


Special thanks to Weatherly Hulsey, Rebecca Crawfor,d and Bart Allmand for some of the photos.


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November 1, 2018



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