Franklin, Tennessee An Adoption Story | Jennifer & Scott


Jennifer and I met while working together at Universal Music Publishing in 2004 and today she is one of my dearest friends. We have had a lot of adventures together through the years, including traveling to Italy in 2006 with a few other friends. It was on that trip when Bart proposed to me in Florence. We all celebrated our engagement with a bottle of Veuve Cliquot in Piazza della Signoria.

In 2014, Jennifer met and started dating Scott and in the fall of 2016, I had the honor of shooting her wedding. Early last year she started talking to me about starting a family with Scott. They looked into some fertility options, but ultimately decided that did not feel like their path, so they started to talk about adoption

Let me divert for a second and tell you a bit of my story. Adoption is so important to me personally because I am adopted. My mom and dad brought me home a few days after I was born. Four years later, they adopted my brother, Walter. They never kept the fact that we are adopted from us. We were always told that we were chosen, which always made me feel special and loved.

It has meant so much to me to walk through this journey with Jennifer and to share my experiences with her. Jennifer and Scott spent most of 2018 learning about adoption and praying about their decision. In early fall, they began the process to gather loads of paperwork, complete background checks, medical exams, etc., to complete and pass their home study. When Jennifer and Scott needed some photos for their adoption profile book, I was happy to help! I spent a fun (and windy) afternoon with them and their sweet dachshund, Hattie Mae, getting these fun images.

Adopting is such an incredible way to grow a family and a special blessing to a child who will be given a loving home to grow up in, however it is very expensive. Each step of the process takes time and significant fees must be paid along the way. I am proud of my friend for her strength and patience throughout this lengthy and stressful journey. I am so excited for Jennifer and Scot to get a call that they have been matched and they can bring home their new son or daughter.

Once they get that call, they will incur high costs for legal fees, travel, expenses, etc. As an advocate for adoption, I want to share a link to their GoFundMe account. Should you feel lead, you can help them by making a donation to assist them in managing these costs as they bring home their new baby. You can give here: Jen & Scott Adoption XO, Amy











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February 27, 2019



  1. Bronwyn says:

    Love this! What a cool story. Beautifully written and photographed!

  2. Antoinette Peirce says:

    You did an amazing job Amy Allmand! You are a special lady. God bless you!
    We love Jenn and Scott, they are a dear couple and we are so excited for them. This adoption is a blessing fir them and we wish them the best. We are looking forward to meeting the little. God bless you both. ❤️ Mama and Papa Peirce.

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