Bellevue TN Branding Session for Realtor | Mary Beth, Nashville Realtor

There is nothing I love more about my job as a branding photographer than capturing the essence of someone’s brand. I want to create images that are more than headshots. Instead, I want to truly tell their story as a business owner. When their potential clients see their imagery, I want them to understand what’s unique about this business right off the bat. That’s why I had a great time with Mary Beth, a Nashville realtor during her Bellevue TN branding session! Mary Beth is not just a realtor, she’s a true concierge for her clients. It was important to make sure that her future clients know they’re getting the real deal with Mary Beth!!

Bellevue TN Branding Session

Mary Beth’s branding session was so much fun and super unique! We had the chance to work at one of her client’s new homes before they moved in. It was extra special because she’d help to bring this high end home to life. I’m so thankful her client was willing to let us use this incredible space! It was the perfect backdrop for her branding portraits. For us, we really wanted to focus on lifestyle portraits of Mary Beth working.

For a realtor and concierge like Mary Beth, it’s important to show her in her “natural habit”, as one would say! We wanted to show off what it can be like working with her. While she definitely loves to work from home, a lot of what she does is on site, too. She’s doing inspections and making sure everything looks perfect. Mary Beth donned her signature blue throughout the branding session – so I wouldn’t be surprised if her clients saw her in real life looking as cute as she did for photos! I loved that she thought ahead about really leaning into the colors of her brand when choosing outfits. We even found some great spots in this house that brought the blues in, too, like the pool!

Mary Beth, thank you so much for trusting me with your branding images! I had a great time documenting you and all of the incredible work that you do!! Make sure to check Mary Beth out on IG here!!!

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May 18, 2022



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