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Once you’ve scheduled your branding session, it’s time to start planning! You’ve got to figure out what to wear, where to have it, and what to bring. Every decision you make leading up to your portraits matters because your photos need to show off your brand. Branding photos are about capturing what makes you unique. Today, I thought it would be useful to talk about what kind of props to bring for your branding session! While this is certainly not an extensive list, I hope that breaking down some ideas might help you make sure you have everything you need the day of your session! 

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Work Tools

Whatever you use for work, bring it! Some examples include your computer, makeup kids, podcasting mic, your phone, headphones, camera, or whatever other tools you use each day. Remember to think about what you use with a client – and after them in your office, too! You may hold some of these props or we may use them in the images in other ways. Whatever it is, we’ll find a great way to incorporate it into your images to tell your story! 

Branding Colors

An easy way to pull in your branding colors to your photos is through your props! Make sure to bring those pens, notebooks, or accessories that have your branding colors. It’s such a great way to bring your personality to your photos!! 

Personal Items 

Got a favorite coffee mug? Are you someone who always has their planner? Think about what you keep around you on a daily basis. Those items make great props in your photos because they show your potential clients WHO you are. Another idea that fits in this category is your client gifts! Maybe you gift a bottle of wine or Prosecco. Bring one with you! 

Fun Accessories

Another great way to bring your personality and lots of fun colors into your branding session is through your accessories! Hats, sunglasses, and even your favorite pair of shoes can be a great idea for your portraits! Think about what you can’t live without and bring it with you. I also love balloons and confetti in branding sessions. (Actually confetti is a personal favorite of mine!). Let’s have some fun!! 

Your Products

If you’re a company that sells physical products, make sure to bring them along! You can also bring along your packaging or wrapping. This is a great way to get imagery for your website and shop page online easily. Plus, it’s fun to see your product being used! 

As you can see, determining which props to bring for your branding sessions is both about how they function in your business and how they’ll enhance your final images. Props are a great way to tell more of your story – and pull lots of fun colors and designs into your photos, too! If you’re ready to book your branding session and want more tips to plan a session that feels like you, grab my tips here


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September 7, 2022



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