Nashville Branding Portraits for Health Coach Leslie Sanders

I’m so excited to share the beautiful Leslie Sanders’ Nashville branding portraits with you today. This incredible woman is so positive and an absolute joy to be around. Her business provides hope to so many women and families in the area. I’m thrilled she found me through Tennessee Women Connect. After we got in touch, she asked me to help her update her website and online sites with new images! Leslie is a fertility-focused health coach who specializes in GI health to help other women who might be suffering like she once did. We captured new branding portraits in her beautiful Nashville home and I can’t wait for you to see them all. 

Nashville Branding Portraits for Health Coach

When Leslie and I began to plan out her branding session, we wanted to make sure we captured all sides of her: the health conscious professional, a joyful entrepreneur, and her family’s love. We wanted her images to showcase her positive energy and the caring support she brings to each woman she works with. It was important to capture her in a variety of settings, including in the kitchen, working at home, and enjoying her time outdoors. Those are all pieces of her brand that help explain who she is and what she does. As with most of my branding sessions, we also made sure to photograph multiple looks for Leslie. This helps her get more use out of her images! 

Leslie, thank you again for asking me to help create images for you and your incredible brand! I am so lucky to know you and I wish you continued success in your health coaching business! I know you’re changing lives. 

PS. Planning your branding session? Grab my tips here to make sure your portraits feel genuine and true to you and your brand! 


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December 21, 2022



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