My Top 5 Hacks for Better iPhone Photos

I love using my iPhone to capture photos – especially on the go, or when we’re relaxing at home. The cameras on our phones are getting better each year, but there’s still a few hacks to learn to improve your images! Today, I’ms sharing my top 5 hacks for better iPhone photos so that you love all of the images you capture while you’re out and about. 

woman wipes phone camera

#1: Use the Live Photos feature! 

I love photographing in the” live photo” mode because it captures a few seconds of video. The camera then assigns a key frame and that’s the photo you see. However, if you’ve captured a live photo, you can easily change that keyframe. That means you can literally change the photo if you’re not happy with it – without taking it all over again. 

group eats lunch in Scotland

#2: Portrait Mode

If you aren’t using “portrait mode”, start today! This is a great way to get photos with creamy bokeh (aka: the blurred background). You can manually adjust the f-stop on your camera’s portrait mode. I tend to leave mine at 2.0! 

dog hides under blanket during photo

#3: Use the timer function.

Looking for an easy way to take better selfies? Use the timer! This function will help you make sure you’re where you want to be for those selfies. Now it’s super easy and stress-free to create the image you’re looking for. 

selfie of couple in front of castle in Glasgow four women pose for selfie by restaurantcouple poses by train during trip to Scotland

#4: Adjust your exposure. 

When you’re taking a photo, you can adjust the exposure so your image isn’t as dark. Tap on your subject and then use the yellow sun to lighten or darken your photo. I’m all about taking a better photo in camera so I have less editing to do later! 

5 hacks for better iPhone photos from photographer Amy Allmand Photography 5 hacks for better iPhone photos from photographer Amy Allmand Photography 5 hacks for better iPhone photos from photographer Amy Allmand Photography

#5: Editing is easy! 

Speaking of editing… invest in some presets for Lightroom Mobile. This is a fun and easy way to update your photos after you’re done taking them. Presets make it SO easy to edit your image quickly on the go. I love using Lightroom Mobile. If you still need presets, check out my set of Lightroom Mobile presets

5 hacks for better iPhone photos from photographer Amy Allmand Photography

There you go! Those are my top 5 hacks for better iPhone photos. Taking better photos on your phone is really just about learning how to adjust the photos in camera – and then finishing your editing process in Lightroom Mobile



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February 15, 2023



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