Socially Savvy: The Art of Showcasing Your Brand on Social Media

Marketing your business on social media is about more than simply having pretty pictures with cute captions. While those amazing brand photos definitely help create a gorgeous curated feed, they need to be shared with intention. It’s important to showcase your brand on your social media accounts. Sharing what makes you unique is how you build connections with your audience. Social media isn’t necessarily going to make your direct sales – but it is going to help you establish connections with your followers, encourage them towards your paid offers, and create a space where you can engage with them on a more personal level. How you use social media to build and share your brand online matters. 

Nashville branding photographer Amy Allmand talks about the art of sharing your brand on social media for small business owners

Social Media Marketing 

These days, there’s lots of places to market your business online. You’ve got Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, TikTok and Pinterest. Each one serves a different purpose – and you really just need to focus on the one that helps you connect with your ideal audience. Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok are spaces where you can connect with your audience, within your brand voice and imagery in a more playful and personal way. This is a great option to help build brand awareness so that they start to think of you when they think of whatever it is you do! LinkedIn is a wonderful site for professional connections and may make sense for some businesses more than others. Pinterest is a giant search engine – so again, this is a great option for businesses with really visual products! Each one serves your business in a unique way and it’s crucial to understand how to share your brand with each. 

Defining Your Social Media Strategy

Like I said before, sharing on social media to grow your brand requires a plan. Beautiful branded images are a great way to ensure that your digital marketing is consistent. But, what you’re sharing along with those photos matters, too. Create a social media strategy that’s going to help you further your goals and connection with your target audience. If you need to sell a product, your posts should talk about those products, the benefits, and how they solve problems. I recommend thinking about your goals and then working backwards to define content that will connect with your audience, show your expertise, and build brand awareness.  

High quality brand photos will help capture your audience’s attention. What you write matters, but you need to get someone to look first! That’s why I fully believe in creating branding images that reflect all aspects of your brand. Read some tips on creating the best branding images!

Making Social Media Count

Beyond simply sharing about your work, business, and brand, it’s important to actually build connections on social media. People want ot buy from people. So don’t post and ghost. Instead, make sure that you’re responding to comments and DMs on all of your platforms. Remember, those are the people that are going to buy from you! Their customer experience starts right there and it’s important to show that they matter to you. 

Any good social media strategy is also going to include metrics. After you know the goals of what you’re trying to achieve on social media, you can determine which metrics to measure. Remember that views don’t really matter. You want people to engage, share, and save your content – and probably click whatever links you’re including! Make sure that you know how those things are going regularly. 

When you plan your branding session with me, I keep all of these marketing ideas in mind. I want you to have high-quality imagery that will grab your audience’s attention and allow you to build connections with the people you need to run your business. We can even talk about how to leverage your brand photography to showcase your brand effectively on social media. I love each of my clients and truly want to see their businesses succeed – and their photos work for them!  

PS. Ready to book your branding session? Grab my tips here to make sure your portraits feel genuine and true to you and your brand!






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May 15, 2024



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