Every other year, Bart and I trade-off where we spend Christmas.  Last year we were in Nebraska, visiting his family, and this year we were in Florida visiting mine. Even though it’s a long trip, we always take the girls.  I just can’t imagine not spending Christmas with them.  We had already decided to stop […]

Venice Florida Christmas | Amy Allmand photography


  On September 2nd, Bart and I celebrated our 10th anniversary.  September 2nd was also in the midst of a very busy fall for me, so we decided that we would celebrate our 10th in a big way with a delayed trip to Charleston, South Carolina in early November after my last fall wedding of […]


I can vividly remember signing up for this retreat to Charleston, South Carolina with my fellow alumni of Hope Taylor’s workshops.  I was at my first wedding of 2017 and my friend, Destinee, was Facebook messaging me about the retreat.  Before sparkler exit and very little thought into it, I had booked my spot for […]


It was a beautiful day for the 2017 Iroquois Steeplechase.  The weather was in the high 70’s with a lovely breeze.  We started our day by riding in with our neighbors the Zions, who have graciously invited us to join them the last several years.  Randy Zion attended his 39th Steeplechase this year.  He knows how […]


It has become a tradition for me to go on a mini trip when I go back to my hometown of Brandon, Mississippi (right outside of Jackson.  Last year, I went down to Brandon to visit family and celebrate my birthday.  My husband, Bart came on the trip, so I drug him along with me […]


Have I mentioned how amazingly supportive the photography community in Nashville is?  I’m so happy to be involved in groups like Looks Like Film and The Rising Tide where people value community over competition.  On a beautiful warm day in March, the Looks Like Film group met up in the 12 South area of town […]

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