Whether you’re writing your next hit single, creating art with a calligraphy pen, vision-boarding an interior design, or anything in between, you have a brand (and a story!) to share. So, kick off your shoes, refill your favorite dark roast (or your margarita!), and let’s talk photography! I specialize in helping women-owned creative small businesses like yours captivate dream clients through sincere-yet-sophisticated branding photography. And through my signature process, I can deliver the images you need without all the fuss you dread! Ready to learn how? 

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Tired of being offered a generic, standardized approach to branding photography? You and me both! I’m here to offer something new. Something as customizable, unique, and special as the business you’ve created. From my client experience to my collections, I hope to collaborate with you to create something that perfectly fits your business’s needs. Explore the starting options below, then let’s perfect it together! 

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In my signature boyfriend jeans (comfort is king, y’all!) and my Tory Burches, I travel the southeast to meet with creatives like you who know a stellar picture is worth a thousand words. But I don’t just deliver incredible images that will make your ideal clients go “wow!” (Although I do that, too!) I give you a fun, effortless experience that makes creating brand images a breeze. By blending my background in public relations and music publishing, I’ve crafted an uplifting, one-of-a-kind experience you’ll never forget!

Because I believe it’s my job to serve you. To make that part of you you’re insecure about (because we’ve all got at least one!) look amazing. To make your products and services look sensational. To make the whole process of working with a photographer feel like a joy, not a drag. And with nearly a decade of experience in the photography industry, I can guarantee mind-blowing results every single time! 

Nashville BRanding photogrpher
Wife & dog mom, 90's sitcom binge watcher

I'm Amy

Walter, Coldwell Banker Realtor

Working with Amy on my recent branding session was fun, but most importantly comfortable. Amy really puts your mind at ease to just relax and enjoy the process, be natural, and be the best version of yourself in front of her lens. I look forward to working with Amy again in the future. 

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Instead of telling you how your branding session should be, I want to build something new with you. Of course, I’ll share my expertise and capture the photos you didn’t even know you needed. But by collaborating with you to bring your vision to life, we can create something true to you that you never believed possible. 

A New Kind of Brand photography

Sophisticated but not stuffy.  beautiful, but not boring


The Artisan Abode

I cannot express how IN LOVE I am with my gallery!!! OMG I swear I almost broke the "favorite" button because I couldn't press it quick enough on basically every single photo. I have never loved any other gallery as much as I love this one. I mean, oh my gosh. You brought my vision to life and I could not be happier!!!!


Unsure if a branding session is really for you?  Let's dig into the top ways working with a Nashville branding photographer can help take your business to the next level.  Some of these might surprise you! 

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