Are you ready to revamp your business from a “no, I promise I’m not like the other girls” brand into one that’s really, actually not like the other girls? One that will captivate clients and spark their imaginations? One that’s truly YOU? It all starts with your brand photography. And in just weeks, we can transform your business forever!

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Did you know you have just eight seconds to capture a potential client's attention?

It’s true. The first time they stumble into your corner of the internet, they’ll decide to stay or go in the amount of time it takes their car to go from zero to sixty. And whether you want to work more or less, attract more clients or just fewer of the wrong ones, I believe it all starts with brand photography that actually gets you booked!

Personality-based brand photography can help first-time web visitors feel like they’ve truly met you before the first phone call. It can build unshakable trust and lay the foundation for a lasting relationship. It can showcase who you are and what you do—unique twists and all—through a real-yet-polished vision. Because when the most essential feature of a business is the person behind it, your best marketing asset is YOU.

I specialize in helping service-based business owners—from realtors to coaches for fitness, health, and life, from accountants to photographers, and everything in between—connect meaningfully with ideal clients by showcasing their uniqueness. Through my signature experience that allows me to dive deeply into each business owner’s story, I deliver photos they’re truly excited to share and never leave you looking just like the local competition! And the best part? We can do it over and over again, bringing eye-catching imagery to your business forever! So, refill that extra dark roast or mix up a marg, and let’s talk brand photography! 

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In my signature boyfriend jeans and my trusty Tory Burches, I crisscross the southeast to meet with service-based business owners like you who recognize the power of a sincere, memorable brand to book dream clients. But I don’t just deliver incredible images that will make your ideal clients say, “where do I sign?” (Although I definitely do that, too!) I also make creating these images intentional, effortless, and fun. By blending my background in public relations and music publishing, I’ve crafted an uplifting, one-of-a-kind experience you’ll never forget!

Because I believe it’s my job to serve you. To make that part of you you’re insecure about (because we’ve all got at least one!) look amazing. To make your services look sensational. To make the whole process of working with a photographer feel like a joy, not a drag. And with a decade of experience in the photography industry, I can consistently guarantee mind-blowing results every single time! 

Nashville BRanding photogrpher
Wife & dog mom, 90's sitcom binge watcher

I'm Amy

Walter, Coldwell Banker Realtor

Working with Amy on my recent branding session was fun, but most importantly comfortable. Amy really puts your mind at ease to just relax and enjoy the process, be natural, and be the best version of yourself in front of her lens. I look forward to working with Amy again in the future. 

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The biggest reason brand sessions never make it from a business owner's to-do list to the to-done list is the pursuit of perfection…and the fear of falling short. That ends today. Through my relaxed client experience and my insightful prep process, we can give you photos that reveal your expertise whether you feel ready or not! Let’s breathe new life into your brand through creativity, inspiration, and joy through a Nashville brand photography session as remarkable as your business. And let’s check the “perfection” at the door. 

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I cannot express how IN LOVE I am with my gallery!!! OMG I swear I almost broke the "favorite" button because I couldn't press it quick enough on basically every single photo. I have never loved any other gallery as much as I love this one. I mean, oh my gosh. You brought my vision to life and I could not be happier!!!!


Unsure if a branding session is really for you?  Let's dig into the top ways working with a Nashville branding photographer can help take your business to the next level.  Some of these might surprise you! 

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