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It’s time for another branding session! Today, I’m excited to be sharing Heather’s branding session for her website development company, Hammersmith Support. I met with Heather and her administrative assistant, Kelly, for their session at the beautiful Collective615. There, we were able to really dive into their personalized branding session. It’s always my goal that clients walk away with photos that serve their purposes for months to come! I can’t wait for you to see these images. They’re just SO Heather (and Kelly!).

Branding Session Location: Collective615 

Heather founded Hammersmith Support, as a website and maintenance developer, in Phoenix before opening their second office in Nashville. They provide web design, development, as well as hosting and maintenance for WordPress sites. Not only do they do great design work, but they also do maintenance to help other small businesses. It was important that we focused on capturing Heather working with Kelly for the session so that they would have beautiful photos to update their online home and use out on social media.

I know it’s not always “fun” to have branding photos of you just looking at a computer. But for Heather, this is a huge part of her story. We did bring in a lot of her personality throughout the session with the colors they picked, some more personal photos, and the beautiful outfits she picked! No matter what you do, we can bring your personality to your session, I promise! 

Collective615 was a great spot for their portraits. When Heather mentioned their branding colors included teal, white, and gold, I knew Collective615 was going to be a perfect location! It provided some beautiful options to photograph Heather and Kelly, as well as Heather’s daughter, that fit right into her brand. I truly  loved being able to include Heather’s daughter  in a few photos, because it’s always been important to Heather to show her what’s possible! How sweet is that?! And I know she’ll be coding just like her mama someday soon.

Enjoy some of my favorite moments from this colorful Collective615 branding session for Hammersmith Support!



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September 22, 2021



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