How to Have a Successful Branding Session: My Brand Shoot Checklist

Planning a successful branding session is more than just picking the right outfits or location. I personally believe it takes time to bring together a session that feels perfectly you and on brand so you receive images that will help you grow and increase your presence as a business owner. That’s why I’m sharing my checklist for a successful branding session with you today! 

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Get inspired! 

One of the first steps to planning the perfect branding session is to create a Pinterest inspiration board. This can definitely be started before your book your photographer, and may help you narrow down the style you’re looking for.It’s important to know if you want more light and airy images – or moody ones. Continue to add inspiration to your board, even after booking. As you build your Pinterest board, begin a short list, as well. A shot list can help us determine what images you need and what you may be missing from your current photos. 

Complete your homework! 

All of my branding clients receive a branding questionnaire and a pre-planning call. This is a chance to find out exactly what you’re looking for – from the photo orientation to types of photos you need. Every business and business owner is different, so I never want my sessions to feel “cookie cutter”. It’s important to make time and complete these pieces of your branding session prep so that you get the most out of your portraits with me (or your photographer!). 

Research and prep! 

As the session gets closer, it’s time to start the more physical prep. Begin by finding the perfect outfits. Look for pieces and props that match your brand, colors, and style. If you’re not sure what to do, consider looking for a wardrobe specialist to help you! Remember to give yourself time for online orders to arrive in time for your session – and be tried on. 

I always recommend my clients book hair and makeup appointments leading up to the session. Have a cut and color done if you need, as well as working with a day-of hair stylist for your session. Consider booking a makeup artist so that you look and feel your best. A manicure is also a good idea, because we’ll be doing lots of close up shots too! Don’t forget – record all of these expenses, because they’re a write off for you! 

Planning for a successful brand photo session is really about putting in the effort to ensure all of your choices capture your personality and brand needs. If you want more tips to help plan your dream branding session, check out this blog! 

Planning your branding session? Grab my tips here to make sure your portraits feel genuine and true to you and your brand!



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February 14, 2024



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