Why You Should Download Your High Resolution Images After Your Branding Session

Picture this: your branding session is done and you’ve just received your gallery of beautiful images from your photographer. There’s nothing quite like the excitement of opening a gallery of images you worked and planned for. Now comes the super fun part: getting to share those images and incorporate them into your business!! As a branding photographer, I want to remind you – when that gallery arrives in your inbox, that’s the perfect time to download the high resolution images and back them up on a hard drive. It will make it so much easier for you to use your high quality branding images. No more screenshotting them or sharing them some other way. 

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Screenshots ruin the quality of your images.

I know that it might feel easier sometimes to screenshot an image and share it to your platforms. But, you’re doing yourself and your brand photographer a disservice when you share screenshots. Screenshots are pixelated and that means you’re not sharing high quality images. In fact, it makes your site or social media look worse. I know that initially going through and downloading images can seem like a hassle. But, it is so worth the time and effort to make sure you’re sharing the beautiful images you worked on so hard (not to mention, paid for!). Once your high resolution images are downloaded, add them to your phone or social media scheduler right away! This keeps things easy to access. No more reasons to screenshot! 

High resolution images are more flexible.

When you go to update your website, blog, or share on social media, you’re going to want to use the high resolution images. They’re better quality and are going to look so much better. High res images are going to save you the stress of creating and sharing something that’s low quality. Take the time to download them, seriously! 

You spent money on these images. 

Part of investing in a branding session is the cost. You’re paying for a professional photographer to capture you to market your brand. You invested in that photographer for a reason – and part of any investment is knowing you’re seeing a return on that money (or ROI). You’ll see a great ROI not just in the excellent photos you got but also you can use them across platforms for years to come. Using low-quality screenshots instead of high-resolution downloaded images can actually diminish the ROI of your branding photography… and no one wants that. 

Here’s what I recommend: the moment your online gallery comes in, download your high resolution branding images. Add those high res images to your phone, social media scheduler, Canva, and website so that they’re ready to go whenever you are. Make a point of backing them up to an external hard drive and/or the cloud storage, too. This will help ensure that you have duplicates should something ever happen to the online gallery, too. Now you’re ready to use your beautiful images and make the most of your investment into branding photography



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October 18, 2023



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