How to Make Your Branding Session Unique to Your Brand

Creating branding images that are unique to you and your brand is about more than just showing up in your brand colors. The purpose of branding portraits is to create imagery that helps your brand stand out, but also showcases who you are. There’s a few things you can do before you ever step in front of the camera to make your branding session unique to your brand. Here’s three tips to help prep for your branding photos: 

Understanding Your Brand’s Core Values

Before diving into the branding session, it’s essential to have a firm grasp of your brand’s core values and mission. These aspects are what differentiate your brand from competitors and drive your connection with your target audience. During your branding session, aim to emphasize these values visually. For example, if your brand promotes sustainability, consider incorporating green, natural elements into your photos. Understanding and showcasing your core values can help produce a branding session that truly reflects your brand’s unique essence.

Incorporating Your Brand’s Aesthetic

 Every brand has a unique aesthetic, influenced by your color palette, fonts, imagery style, and more. These elements contribute to how your brand is perceived and remembered by audiences. In your branding session, make sure these visual elements are present throughout. Whether it’s the backdrop color, props, or your wardrobe, everything should resonate with your brand’s aesthetic. This consistency helps in building a coherent and memorable brand image.

Personalizing the Content to Reflect Your Brand’s Personality

Brands, like people, have their own personalities. Some might be fun and quirky, while others might be serious and professional. Understanding your brand’s personality can help guide the tone and style of your branding session. If your brand is lively and youthful, a casual, vibrant, and dynamic photo session may best represent your brand. On the other hand, a brand that values professionalism might opt for a more formal and clean-cut style. Adding personality touches like bringing in your favorite business books, or record albums will not only make your brand feel unique but attract your ideal client.

The key to branding portraits that will represent your brand well is really understanding who you are. Spend a little time with these questions so you can break down what you need to do and include for your session. If you’re stumped, don’t hesitate to ask your branding photographer! We’re here to help you make the most of your session. You can also Grab my tips here to make sure your portraits feel genuine and true to you and your brand! 


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July 19, 2023



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