From the Outback to the Opry: Aussie Melissa Captivates Nashville

Celebrating incredible women is one of the things I love best about being a branding photographer in Nashville. I met the amazing Melissa through my favorite hair and makeup stylist, Madison Dennis. Madison helped Melissa arrange a photo session on her trip to Nashville from Australia this spring. We really wanted to capture Melissa in one of her favorite cities – and I was so honored that Madison thought of me to help Melissa document her trip! It was a blast exploring Downtown Nashville with these two amazing women!

Downtown Nashville Portraits 

Melissa came to visit during the CMA Fan Fest week, so downtown Nashville was super fun (even more than normal!). We started off the day at the pedestrian bridge because I knew that things would get even busier as the day went on. We definitely timed it right! Melissa wore an incredible black sequined gown for the portraits and I am still obsessed with the contrast it created in all of her images. She stood out perfectly against the backdrop of the city from the pedestrian bridge! Madison did her hair and makeup – and Melissa showed off her cowboy boots hiding under her beautiful gown, too. 

When we were done there, we made our way to Broadway and just looked for anything that was fun for a backdrop. We focused on some of the famous spots – and little tucked away things, like the music inspired decor. I loved watching Melissa explore and fall even more in love with Nashville! The three of us ended the day at Nudie’s, a Honky Tonk bar in Nashville. They were kind enough to let us sit at the bar – and it wound up being my favorite spot of the whole shoot! There’s just something I love about the contrast of a glamorous outfit in a Honky Tonk bar!

Melissa, thank you for trusting me with your fun Downtown Nashville portraits. I loved spending the day with you and Madison – and I hope you’ll be back to visit us again soon!


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August 2, 2023



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