Building Meaningful Connections at Tennessee Women Connect’s 3rd Annual Live Event at Loveless Barn

For the 3rd year in a row, I had the honor of attending the Tennessee Women Connect live event at the Loveless Barn. If you’ve been around the blog for awhile, you know that I adore working with this organization. Tennessee Women Connect is a way for women in business to connect through intimate lunches, happy hours, and other events throughout each month. This year’s conference focused on being fearless in your business. We also discussed an abundance mindset, and how to achieve the breakthroughs needed for success in business. I had the honor of documenting their event and amazing speakers! 

Tennessee Women Connect Live: Breakthrough Event

For this year, the leadership team really outdid themselves. Between the keynote speaker  Suneera Madhani, emcee Heather French Henry and speakers Kelly Bonner, Michelle Kennedy with the Nashville Predators, Brielle Cotterman, and Lucy Miller, all of the attendees were in for a treat. The women attending also had the chance to listen to a great group of panelists including Brittany Campbell, Tina Phillips, Lisa Gill, Peggy Lee Wright, Jenna Griffith, Mallory Ervin, Dr. Natalie Pickering, Meg Aubale Epstine & Crystal Walker. One of the best parts of the whole day was the marketplace of vendors, too! It was a great chance to shop locally and support a variety of small businesses, including food from Loveless Cafe. 

Honestly, this year was incredible. I know that I got so much out of this networking event. Honestly, I hope that the other women did too – and I’m sure that they did! I can’t wait for year 4! If you’re interested, check out 2021’s event here!








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November 1, 2023



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