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As a branding photographer in Nashville, TN, there’s lots of things I need to run my business: my camera, my memory cards, and all of my photography equipment. All of those items help me when I’m photographing my clients. But, there’s other tools I need to run my photography business behind the scenes. Over the last few years, I’ve worked to streamline my time in the office and these 5 programs help me do just that. Today, I’m sharing my business toolkit as a photographer. If you’re wondering how to set yourself up for success, make sure to check out these 5 tools! 

Franklin TN branding photographer shares 5 tools needed to run her photography business


It all starts here! I’ve been using Honeybook since 2016, which is wild. It’s been integral to my business for so long. I use it for client communication, contracts, questionnaires and invoices. I would be lost without it. It keeps me sane and helps me stay professional with my clients, too! You can save 25% on your first year with this affiliate link code: http://share.honeybook.com/gpHnp


To me, these Adobe programs go hand in hand for editing my clients’ images. I do 85% of editing in Lightroom and I’m only in Photoshop for retouching or if I need to remove something from the image. But, without both of them, I wouldn’t be able to turn over the beautiful images I do for my clients!


This is the platform my website is built upon. I was resistant to use Showit at first because there is a learning curve to using it. But once I understood how to use the functions and the drag and drop options, it made my life so much easier! Thanks too to Davey & Krista for the beautiful template. You can find their gorgeous templates here: https://daveyandkrista.com/product-category/showit/ It was such a game changer for my website design!


When I worked my 9-5 job before being a photographer full-time, I had to do occasional graphic design projects. There, I learned Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator on the spot. So when I got introduced to Canva, I thought it was too easy and not professional enough. Boy, was I wrong! Fast forward a few years and I don’t know how I’d live without it. It makes doing any sort of graphic design project SO much easier than using Illustrator! PS – getting the pro account is definitely worth the expense!


I LOVE using Cloudspot as my gallery hosting site. It’s super easy for clients to use and order prints directly from the galleries! I’m a fan of any software that’s straightforward and makes my client experience even easier, too. 

When it comes to choosing tools for your business, it’s important to use software that you like. Things like Honeybook, Cloudspot, and even ShowIt are softwares that I have to feel comfortable with in order to use. Find the one that works for you – even if it’s not these ones. The right toolkit can help you feel more balanced, in control, and ready for whatever comes next in your business! 





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September 20, 2023



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