One thing that is important to me is continuing education.  I love going to workshops and taking in all the amazing things that I can from the teacher. I’ve been following Callie Lindsey for a little over a year now and just adore her and her style.  So, last fall when she offered her 2019 […]


I didn’t realize how much we traveled in 2018 until I started putting together this blog post. I had planned on writing a blog for some of these trips and (as it does), time got away from me. In January, Bart & I met his brother Brad and his wife Beth in New Orleans for […]


Well, I’m writing tonight from a hotel room in Bermuda Run, North Carolina, because I’m attending the Creative at Heart conference this week. I drive in on November 11th, which is my sweet Mille’s 9th birthday. Since I had to leave so early to get her in time for the kickoff, we celebrated her on […]


  Fall is finally here in Tennessee. This is my favorite time of year because not only do I live in the cutest town, Franklin, but it gets even cuter when the leaves change. A few weeks ago I got together with my photographer friends, Weatherly & Rebecca, to take turns shooting each other at […]


  In early January, Bart and I met up with his brother Brad and his wife, Beth in New Orleans for a quick getaway.  We thought we’d all be getting away from the cold, but the joke was on us because it was very cold most of the trip.  That’s okay because we made the […]


Every other year, Bart and I trade-off where we spend Christmas.  Last year we were in Nebraska, visiting his family, and this year we were in Florida visiting mine. Even though it’s a long trip, we always take the girls.  I just can’t imagine not spending Christmas with them.  We had already decided to stop […]

Venice Florida Christmas | Amy Allmand photography

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