New Orleans, Louisiana Winter Vacation

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January 23, 2018


In early January, Bart and I met up with his brother Brad and his wife, Beth in New Orleans for a quick getaway.  We thought we’d all be getting away from the cold, but joke was on us because it was very cold most of the trip.  That’s oaky because we made the best of it.  We stayed at the Royal Sonesta hotel on Bourbon Street.  We had stayed there before, so I felt comfortable knowing the area.  When we arrived we met up with Brad & Beth for a quick bite at Emeril’s NOLA restaurant.  It was the only warm day so we took advantage and walked around Jackson Square.  I’ve been trying to push myself by using my tilt-shift lens, so on this trip I only took that and my 50mm (aka my baby).  I think I like New Orleans through a tilt shift. 

Since it was a nice night, we decided to do a Haunted tour.  We walked throughout the French Quarter as we heard tales of history mixed with ghosts.  I don’t know what it is about me and ghost tours, but I love them!  

Famed LaFitte’s Bar at the end of Bourbon Street.  It is the oldest bar in New Orleans and debatably the United States.  It’s said to be haunted with many spirits but mainly one of a young wannabe piarate.  

Our second day, we decided to start it off with brunch at Brennan’s.  It was hands down the best meal we had on our trip and that’s saying alot, because we had quite a few good meals.  It was more than just the food, it was the ambiance and whole experience that made it wonderful.  I’ve since recommend it to many friends.  Since it was so cold and incredibly windy, we decided to do a city tour by bus.  It was so interesting and took us to parts of the city I had never been to.  

One of the highlights of the tour was going to Saint Louis cemetery #3.  I love old cemeteries and the ones in New Orleans never disappoint.  I only wish it had been warmer because I could have explored this one for much longer than I did.  Also, found a disgarded polaroid on the ground that I had to take a pick of becuase it was perfectly NOLA weird.  

Our last day we went back to Jackson Square for Bart to fly his drone.  He captured a few great shots before we got too cold that we had to go shopping to get warm.  At least the sun was shinning that day!  Bart was a good sport because I did have him shoot a few images of me as we weaved our way back to the hotel.  


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