Quarterly Photoshoot with Nashville’s Sanctuary Salon

Sanctuary Salon is one of my quarterly branding clients. That means every few months, I get to have another session with these amazing ladies! Sanctuary Salon is a great salon right off of 8th Avenue in Nashville, TN. This year, I’ve gotten to know them pretty well thanks to our multiple sessions. It’s been really special to create unique branding images for them to use online to grow their salon! I love their aesthetic so much! 

Quarterly Branding Portraits in Nashville

For this quarterly branding session, our top priority was capturing updated headshots of all of the incredible stylists at Sanctuary Salon. We also made a point of capturing new group photos. Quarterly branding sessions are a GREAT way to keep your website up to date and looking totally on brand. Although headshots like this usually go pretty quickly, I still love the chance to catch up for a minute with each stylist. It’s also a great challenge to find easy ways to bring their personalities out. From props like products to their own outfit choices, it was easy to see why these ladies are a hit in Nashville! 

One of the things I love most about this salon is their specific high end warm aesthetic. I get to play around with my editing style a little bit so I can make their photos really match their aesthetic. It’s super fun and keeps things interesting for me! If you’re in need of new headshots or seasonal images, it might be time to consider a quarterly branding portrait package! 

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January 17, 2024



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