The Art of Visual Consistency and Why It’s Important in Branding Photography

As business owners, there’s so much we have to think about when we market our business. How we speak, how our images look, and what we’re saying all matter. One piece of that puzzle is being consistent with your brand’s visual components. If your brand vibe is light and airy, it doesn’t make sense to share dark and moody images (or vice versa). There’s an art to visual consistency and it becomes super important as you plan and execute branding photos for your business. Today, let’s talk about why it’s important to create that visual consistency and what it can mean for your brand! 

tips for creating visual consistency for your brand online from branding photographer Amy Allmand Photography

Help define your brand identity through photography. 

Your brand is about more than just a pretty logo. It defines you to the world and makes you recognizable. Your brand encompasses many parts of your business and personality so it’s important to define those components when you plan branding imagery. A picture is worth a thousand words, right? So, it becomes important to define your brand identity through the photos you share online. These images truly showcase what makes you and your brand unique. 

Be consistent across all platforms. 

Visual consistency across platforms is KEY for successful marketing! The imagery someone sees on your website and social media should match up. This is another place where branding photos really come into play. With your branding galleries, you’re given hundreds of images to use across the platforms at your disposal. Being consistent shows that you’re who you say you are, that your brand is solid, and this consistency helps build a strong understanding of who you and your business are. 

Build up your visual library. 

Through branding sessions, or images that you’ve taken that look like your branding session, you can build your visual library. It’s important to have images at your fingertips that you can share easily – without having to worry about if it fits in your brand or not. A complete visual library is beneficial for you as you plan and market your business! 

Cohesive visual elements.

From your images, to your logo, fonts and brand colors, cohesiveness across your brand elements matters. Again, when you plan your branding session – think about what your brand is about. Bring those colors into your session through your outfits, details, or props. It’s a great way to easily showcase parts of your brand identity without trying too hard. It also means every image you go to share in the future will help build your identity online! 

Don’t forget your brand voice.

Just like the other elements of your business, your voice and tone should be consistent with your visuals, too. When someone reads a post, email or blog, it should sound like you. The images you share should also be easily recognizable as part of your brand, too. Choosing to bring your brand elements into your photos is a great way to translate the visual elements of your brand to your imagery. 

tips for creating visual consistency for your brand online from branding photographer Amy Allmand Photography

As you can see, building consistency across platforms through visual images is important to a strong and recognizable brand. By planning a branding session that focuses on your brand components, colors, and visual pieces, you can better create images that will improve your consistency online! Becoming recognizable is the key to a strong business and brand.  

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December 20, 2023



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