Striking the right chord: A Downtown Nashville Branding Session with Musician Clay Cumbie

I’ve known Clay Cumbie for too many years to count and way too many years to admit, ha! Back when I worked in the music industry, at Big Loud Shirt, Clay was our 3rd songwriter to sign to the publishing company. At the time, he was the launching act to 1111 Music Group, which is the precursor to Big Loud Mountain. Nowadays, Big Loud Mountain is known as Big Loud (aka Morgan Wallen & Hardy’s record label among others). Clay has returned to Nashville after a bit of time away. When he got back, he reached out to me about new branding photos in Downtown Nashville. It was a great full circle moment for me personally and professionally! I’m so excited to share a little inside peek into Clay’s Nashville branding session with you.  

Downtown Nashville Branding Session in Printer’s Alley

As many Nashville stories go, Clay has always been super talented. But talent doesn’t always get you to the big stages. Once his publishing deal was up with Big Loud, he kept playing and writing. But, he also decided to find a job in the private sector. And after a short stint away from Nashville, Clay is back writing and performing again. It was important to capture the essence of him as a performer and writer during our session, so we chose to meet at Printer’s Alley

Printer’s Alley is the heart of the downtown performance spaces. It’s full of clubs and fun locations to hear great music and new artists in the city. Clay and I wandered around looking for bright pops of color. We also looked for anything that had his vibe, and really just any spot in the alley that looked cool. We never ran out of options or inspiration, that’s for sure! Clay brought along several looks and his favorite guitar, so I enjoyed the chance to hear him pluck out some music while we worked. 

Clay, thank you for trusting me to capture your brand new Nashville branding portraits. I’m so happy with how they turned out and I hope that they continue to help you tell your story in the city of music! I can’t wait to see what’s next for you!! 

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December 6, 2023



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