Location Matters: How Photoshoot Locations Shape Your Brand’s Narrative

When you begin to plan your branding photos, there’s so many decisions to make. What will you wear? Which props and setups are most important? What’s coming up that you need photos for and how will you use your images? But, as a Nashville branding photographer, I think that the location you pick is the most vital decision you’ll make in the planning process for your brand photos and headshots. The location of your branding session will set the stage for your final images. 

Here’s some things to keep in mind when choosing a location for your branding session:

1 – Visual Context 

Your location sets the stage for your brand’s story, adding depth and context to your images. If you choose somewhere that is the opposite of your brand, your photos become very confusing. Think carefully about what your story is and what’s important about your brand when choosing a location for your branding session.  

2 – Atmosphere and mood

Just like colors, different locations evoke emotions and atmosphere influencing how your brand is perceived by your audience. Think through the colors that are in the spaces you’re considering and what they might showcase. Additionally, think about the mood of your brand. If you’ve got a more dark brand color palette, website, and so on – a bright white office may not be the right fit for you. 

3 – Alignment with your Brand Values 

Choose a location that aligns with your brand’s values. This will help to reinforce its identity in your messaging. Sit down and really focus on what matters to your brand and think about the kinds of locations that will help get this message across. 

4 – Differentiation 

Choosing unique and unexpected locations can help your brand stand out from competitors and leave a lasting impression on your audience! Again, consider the meaning, colors, and vibe of those location. Plus when it comes to personal branding, different is always better! So choosing a location for your branding session that is unique is powerful!  

5 – Cultural Significance 

Locations rich in cultural or historic significance can add layers of meaning to your brand story. If your cultural background is important in your brand, seriously consider a location that holds significance for you. This can help with fostering authenticity and resonance with your audience! 

I know the easy thing to do is to choose your home, but there are many reasons why that isn’t always the best idea! In fact, the number one reason being that it is going to add stress to your brand shoot day. You’ll be worrying about keeping it clean, the perfect setup, and so much more. Trust me. Instead, consider going somewhere else that is already clean and uncluttered to save yourself time and energy. My favorite places to find a location are local hotels, workspaces and AirBnBs. Once you have an idea of the vibe and feelings you want to evoke with your branding portraits, choosing the perfect location is so much easier! 

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March 20, 2024



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