5 Reasons You Need To Refresh Your Headshot

If there’s one thing I’ve learned being a Nashville branding photographer, it’s that headshots matter. It’s one of the reasons I make sure every client I work with for branding photos has new headshots in their gallery when we’re done… especially because I can guarantee that almost every business owner needs to refresh their headshots. 

Nashville branding photographer Amy Allmand shares 5 reasons you need to refresh your headshots this year

Headshots vs. Branding Photos

Headshots are different from full branding photos. Headshots are typically photos from the waist up with a simple backdrop, used to quickly put a face with a name and showcase your professional identity. Branding photos are more creative and allow you to tell a story of your brand. Both are equally important when it comes to your online presence as a business. 

Why Your Headshot Needs a Refresh

First Impressions Count

Just like those crucial eight seconds you have to capture a potential client’s attention online, your headshot does the heavy lifting before you even say hello. You want a photo that’s professional with good lighting, a proper focus, and something that shows the best of you. 

Showcase Your Authentic Self

An updated headshot allows you to show your current self, reflecting your genuine personality and where you are in your professional journey. 

Branding Consistency

Keeping your headshot fresh ensures your brand’s image remains consistent across all platforms, from your website to social media. Although headshots are generally way less exciting than branding photos, we can still make sure the colors and vibes from the rest of your session make their way in! 


A recent, high-quality headshot conveys professionalism and shows that you take your brand and your role seriously. There’s nothing that looks worse than a selfie in your office with bad lighting! Show that you take yourself seriously so others will too. 

Personal Brand Evolution

As you evolve, so does your brand. A new headshot can signify growth, new beginnings, or a refreshed approach to your business. It’s nice to show the change in your brand across all facets of your business online. 

While sometimes it feels like an updated headshot is something worth putting off, I promise you: it’s not. Take the time to invest in a few updated headshots so they can showcase what makes you unique and your business special. Now is the perfect time to refresh your headshot as a small business owner! 

Planning your branding session? Grab my tips here to make sure your portraits feel genuine and true to you and your brand! 


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April 3, 2024



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