North Nashville Product Photos for Viande & Co.

These North Nashville product photos for Viande & Co. were so unique. I’m honored that Sharon asked me to capture product portraits of their vegan food options. This is one of two shoots we did this fall together to create more content for the team at Viande & Co. to use while promoting their unique new products. This session really stretched me to be creative with how we capture and share food online. 

North Nashville Product Photos 

Sharon chose a friend’s private home for the location of her session. It was located in North Nashville and couldn’t have been more perfect for this shoot! The kitchen was simply stunning and was a perfect backdrop for her to show off their alternative meat options. She cooked, created meals, and everything looked amazing. The main goal was to demonstrate the variety of uses Vivande & Co.’s alternatives can be used for. I think we definitely accomplished that goal!

This session reminds me that branding sessions and product shoots can be a little different in our approach. Both require specific locations to match your brand’s aesthetic but with product photos, we need to be extra mindful of the light situation and backdrops available to make sure everything will line up with your brand’s vision. You can read more tips about how to prepare for your session here! Not everything will apply if you’re just doing product photos, but it’s important to plan ahead and make sure you’re thinking about everything you might need for your brand’s photos! 

Enjoy a sneak peek into this first session with Viande & Co.! I can’t wait to share more of their photos soon!

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December 7, 2022



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