Amplify Your Brand: 5 Strategic Ways to Use Your Branding Images

Now that your branding session is over and you have new photos sitting in your inbox, what’s the first thing you should do with them? There’s so many ways we show up and create an online presence for our brands. Branding portraits are important to help capture the essence of who you and your brand really are. They allow you to stand out and connect with your ideal audience more easily. Here’s 5 strategic ways to use your branding images to amplify your brand online and make the most of your investment into branding photos! 

5 strategic ways to use your branding images to build your brand online, shared by TN branding photographer Amy Allmand Photography

#1: Update your Social Media Profile Photos

 One of the easiest ways to use your branding photos is to update your social media profile photos! Add a new photo to your Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, LinkedIn, TikTok, Snapchat, and so on. New photos can boost engagement too, and who doesn’t like that? Social media accounts perform better when you use a photo of your face, instead of a logo, so that’s an easy way to increase interactions on your profile. Don’t forget about cover photos, too! 

#2: Update your website

Most people get new branding images for their website, so make sure to use them! Once your website gets a new look, announce it with your audience. You’ll increase the traffic and get to show off all your beautiful new images. Look for ways to incorporate various looks and detail photos, too! 

#3: Your newsletter 

If you have an email list and send out newsletters, now is the perfect time to drop in some new branding photos. Add a personalized signature, or just include more photos in your emails overall.  Email is one of the best ways to reach your audience, and now you’ve got one more way to personalize it and connect with your audience.  

#4: Content Marketing

Get ready to get creative with how you’re using your images for content marketing. Upload your session into Canva so that you can easily access your images for all your marketing needs. You can make some great infographics to share about your brand or services you offer. Quick tip – don’t forget to you can remove the background using Canva from these images so that it’s just you with your copy and photo. 

#5: Printed materials 

With everything being so digital, we forget about printing our images! Branding photos are perfect for business cards, flyers, banners, and more. Share those printed images at networking events, around your community, or anywhere else you market. 

Branding photos are a GREAT way to connect with your audience. Spread your new photos around and help your brand grow. I love seeing how my clients use their branding photos to update their websites, social media, and more. It’s always so much fun! 

PS. Planning your branding session? Grab my tips here to make sure your portraits feel genuine and true to you and your brand!









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June 7, 2023



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