Lower Broadway Nashville Artist Session | Cali Rodi


July 20, 2016

One of the coolest things about living in Nashville is being able to photograph projects for artists and singer-songwriters.  It’s the perfect way for me to mix my former music business career with my current photographer career.  Enter firecracker, Cali Rodi.  When we met to discuss we bonded over our clumsy selves.  She broke her foot her a few years ago and I broke my foot a few years ago.  It was fate!  I love her awesome 90’s girl grunge style. I pushed myself to shoot a gritty street styled shoot for her.  I’m definitely much more comfortable in a field with a barn, but this was a great day.

I’m not super big on scouting a location.  I’ll just get somewhere and walk with my client until we find a spot we both like.  This was some alley off of Lower Broadway in Nashville, Tennessee.  It provided the perfect girt that Cali was looking for and there was nobody around so we could really capture some great moments.

It’s been a while since I had been in Printer’s Alley and I had forgotten how quirky it is.  We found this random go-go dancer girl cage which was perfect for Cali.  I love the purples with the cage and windows that tie in with Cali’s Doc Martens.

Cali wanted to do an outfit change, so she threw on a super cute mid-drift and velvet shorts.  And boy did she rock her jewelry.  I’m so glad we found some light colored walls and backdrops to make her pop in her dark clothes.

At our first meeting, Cali expressed her desire to have some shots done at night.  Outside of a few architecture shots that I’ve done, night photography was definitely out of my comfort zone too, so I researched on how best to achieve what I was visioning and hope that it was her vision as well.  I think I accomplished what we both wanted.  We set up on 2nd and Broadway right at dusk.  I had my flash out with everything set right to get the movement in the background while capturing her.  I just love how these turned out.  They definitely fit her personality.  The one of her screaming may be my favorite from the shoot.

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