Nashville Photographers Headshot Swap


March 21, 2017

Have I mentioned how amazingly supportive the photography community in Nashville is?  I’m so happy to be involved in groups like Looks Like Film and The Rising Tide where people value community over competition.  On a beautiful warm day in March, the Looks Like Film group met up in the 12 South area of town to do a headshot swap.  It’s where we take each other’s photos then swap the photos.  It was so much fun to see everyone’s style of shooting and later editing.  These sort of meetups are also a way for us to do something new that we wouldn’t feel comfortable doing in a session with a client.  For me, I try to push myself by using one specific lens or trying a trick.  I decided to use my tilt-shift lens and my 50 mm (aka my favorite lens).  The tilt-shift gave me a chance to stretch my skills and I’m so happy with the results.

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