Introducing The Sapphire Suite | A Woman Only Luxury Co-Working Space in Franklin, Tennessee

I am SO excited to be sharing this blog with you today. I know I say that about everything I share (and it’s always true! But, this project is pretty special to me. In the spring of 2021, Tammie Osborne reached out to me about this idea for the Sapphire Suite. She envisioned a woman-only luxury co-working space in Franklin, TN. She then asked if I’d be willing to help document the development and final space upon completion. I am so excited to share that this incredible space for entrepreneurs is now open – and I can’t wait for you to see what’s been going on! 

women stand together in blue and white outfits at The Sapphire Suite

Documenting Progress

After Tammie asked me to help document the progress of the build, I began stopping by every few weeks starting in January to see progress on the build of the Sapphire Suite. I was lucky enough to see it progress from just a dream Tammie had to a beautiful space, available now for women to come and get work done on their own business and dreams. The Sapphire Suite is the perfect mixture of elegance and luxury – all while still creating a space to sit down and focus. It will be a perfect location for those who need to work, network, or plan branding photos in the area! 

Celebrating the Sapphire Suite

Upon completion of the building process, we planned for two branding sessions. One had models and the other did not, but both were a great chance to show off this incredible co-working space! I loved being able to capture the potential of The Sapphire Suite as I photographed some of the women working during our branding session. The Sapphire Suite is just such a great space for women in the area! I’m so happy that Tammie had this dream. 

The icing on the cake was when Franklin Women Connect and Brentwood Women Connect (both chapters of Tennessee Women Connect networking groups) teamed up with The Sapphire Suite for their June Happy Hour and Grand Opening of the space. This was a great way for people to come tour the space, become members, and begin to start using it. I hope to host branding minis this fall here! It seriously is a gorgeous space!! 

Congratulations, Tammie! I hope you enjoy looking back on all of the progress you’ve had since this began. I’m so happy for you and I can’t wait to see where the Sapphire Suite goes!! 

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August 3, 2022



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