5 Instagram Post Ideas for Your Small Business

Marketing for your business can feel difficult some days – there’s so many platforms to manage and work on. I personally love marketing on Instagram. With posts, Reels, and stories, there’s options for everyone to share what makes the most sense for their brand and business! Today, I’m sharing 5 Instagram post ideas that you can use for your small business – these are easy to do with your new branding photos, too! (Wink, wink!). Sharing this type of content has helped to grow my brand online and reach new followers. I hope they’ll help you too! 

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Share your “Why”

Talk about why you do what you do. Let your followers know what the reason is behind your brand and business. This is a great way to connect with them while sharing more about your personal brand and experiences. 

Behind the Scenes

People love to know how things are made or done. Think about all of the shows you see on HGTV or cooking channels. It’s not a joke to say that people want to see the process. So, show them yours!  Tell them your process for doing what you do – whether it’s at a session, creating a product, or working in your office. Bonus points if you have branding images to accompany this post!  This can also make a really fun Instagram Reel! 

Share something about YOU

Let’s face it, you are your brand.  Your followers are following you because of you.  They want to know all about you and here’s a chance to do some introductions. Share little known facts about yourself, something deep and personal or go with a funny story so that people can relate to you! Social media is great for marketing, but it should also be social – making connections with your followers.  

Your products

Talk about what you sell!  Is it a physical product or a digital one?  Tell your community all about what you’ve created and sell so that people can have the chance to buy from you in a non-salesy way.  This can be a great place to highlight what makes you unique, special features, or just general questions people have about your products. 

Client reviews 

People love seeing proof that you’re amazing at what you do. So… show social proof through client reviews!  This is a great way to build confidence in your audience and it’s fun to show off a little bit, too.

Social media doesn’t have to be stressful. With a few simple categories, you can come up with way more content than you realize – making it even easier to create a brand online. Plus, it’s fun to show off all of those new branding photos, too!

Planning your branding session so you have lots of photos for social media? Grab my tips here to make sure your portraits feel genuine and true to you and your brand! 


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September 21, 2022



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